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The Princess of Cigars

Melanie often referred to as ‘The Kidd” has found her foothold in the cigar world. She found her love of networking and sales She is Co-host of The Professor show with the King of Cigars himself Carlito Fuente. Her knowledge and strong presense has helped cigar based brands alike get their message out to a new audience 

Her love for networking and sales was greatly welcomed in the local cigar lounge. Her past experience with social media allowed her to easily jump into the scene and become a well known name in the industry.

Soon, she started working with Rocky Patel in Naples, FL. When the pandemic started, Jeremiah Meerapfel, asked her to be a Co-host on Fuente and Meerapfel presents Meet The Professor on Youtube.

Melanie decided to take all of her work online. Working with brands from bourbon to cigars and everything in between. Her Instagram was getting 10 million impressions a month. And you could always find her smoking a cigar and engaging with her followers!

She also Produces the Fuente Friday giveaway show with her cohost Cynthia Fuente! Mel has Quickly become the brand ambassador for anything Fuente! A true legend in the industry. Mels is an influencer who could share the knowledge of these cigars and the stories behind them and the amazing family who makes them.

Soon she was being asked to cohost many shows… even the live event online, first ever edition of, The Great Smoke!

She also was asked to cohost The Great American morning show, on The Bakersfield Gentlemen’s page on Facebook. And once the pandemic ended she had the opportunity to take over and host it, herself. The page quickly jumped to over 2 million in reach.

Melanie is now on several live shows… through out the week you can find her smoking a cigar online and chatting with other cigar smokers and viewers. Giving advice, knowledge, and telling the stories behind them. She has a wealth of knowledge but also a great sense of humor, bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry.


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