Bushwood x The Kidd Collab

Bushwood Spirits x The Kidd Collaboration

Mel loves and enjoys Bushwood products from their smooth Front 9 Premium Bourbon to their new line of Ultra Premium Vodka – Looper. Bushwood is the leading luxury brand of spirits for a beautiful day on the golf course, hitting the high rollers tables or winding down with a nice cigar.

Thank you to Bushwood for their continued support and please support our partnership by visiting Bushwood through one of the links below.

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Front 9

Inaugural Release, Premium Kentucky Bourbon. Bushwood Spirits presents this limited release, Small Batch, Single Barrel, Straight Bourbon from Kentucky. Our Premium Front 9 Bourbon will be your perfect playing partner throughout the 2022 golf season, and beyond.


In the game of golf, the Long Ball is the shot that most people want in their arsenal, and it’s also the one they love to see the most. It is with that Spirit in mind Bushwood added Long Ball to its beverage repertoire. Our Blended, Small Batch, Straight Kentucky Bourbon, is a spirit all golfers, Bourbon enthusiasts and lovers of life will aspire to. We crafted Long Ball to be approachable, and consumable, whenever the mood strikes you. As always, Be The Ball.

Back 9

Bushwood Back 9 is a whiskey connoisseur and collector’s dream. No detail has been overlooked in Bushwood’s initial premium offering, and your only question will be whether to drink it or just stare at it.


Single Barrel Rye, hand bottled in Kentucky by Bushwood Spirits, Inc. Tasting notes: Rye, caramel, citrus with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon, and just the right amount of sweet oak. Finish: Long, dry with oak and dark chocolate.

Inspired by our love for the Monterey Peninsula, and the unrivaled beauty of Stillwater Cove, we crafted our Stillwater Rye offering to celebrate the home of arguably the greatest golf experience in the world. Fun fact: Much of the pristine turf at Pebble Beach Golf Links is perennial rye grass. As always, Be The Ball.

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