Brand Partnerships

Melanie ‘The Kidd” Sisco has had many successful brand campaigns in her career. Working with legendary brands such as Arturo Fuente and Rocky Patel. She also has had great success with cigar related products such as Humi-Smart. Melanie is a force in the cigar & luxury world and a great addition to any campaign. She takes a strong engagement approach through podcasting, virtual conferences and product showings while also displaying through all of her social media channels. 

The Kidd Effect

Melanie is known as “The Kidd” throughout the cigar world. She is a strong networker in the professional world which has translated to building her own powerful brand. Over the years she has become an expert in growing audiences, connecting with people and getting them engaged in products and brands she herself stands by. With her network of podcast, affiliate channels and personal branded channels she is reaching over 1 million people a month. Her messaging and ability to engage audiences helps brands get their products off the shelves into their perfect consumers hands.


Work With Mel!

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